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Introducing Our Newest Fleet Addition

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Lighter chassis and hydraulic cylinders means we haul more material with a lower center of gravity. In addition, we can haul aggregates larger than #57 gravel, shoot it farther, and with the center beam can deliver material in freezing temperatures.

If you’d like to see how our new truck can make your jobs go smoother, please reach out to your salesman and we will do a live demonstration for you.

Home Test

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Landscape Products

We stock material from Unilock and Oberfields in our yard for convenient, instant service.



We offer nearly 800 selections and stock over 125 different types of brick and stone.


Tools & Building Supplies

We have all the products, tools and accessories to make sure you have everything you need at the right price, in the right place and at the right time.


Whether a seasoned contractor or weekend warrior, we have everything you need to rock your next project – literally. We offer the best prices and unrivaled selection in Northern Ohio for all things concrete, masonry, stone veneer, crushed rock, sand and gravel – and all the tools and accessories to complete your amazing new project or update an existing one. And, unlike the big boxes, we also offer something that these days is truly remarkable – absolutely outstanding service and expertise.

Extended Hours: Open 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Wednesdays for Your Convenience.

“There are numerous reasons that Consumers Builders Supply is a very strong partner for The VMI Group. Their ready mix concrete products are top notch. In the winter their heated sand accounts for a very significant labor savings with our finishing processes. Their production & delivery operations run far smoother than the industry average. But the most important aspect that sets them apart is their service/communication. They help us foresee problems, avoid issues, and overall help us deliver an excellent finished product more efficiently & profitably.”

– Tim Saal, VMI Group, Inc.
Rigid foam insulation from Dow is highly valued for a wide range of applications, from insulating buildings and geotechnical installations.

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For the past 40 years Unilock has been committed to investing in the future of landscape design.
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Marion Ceramics was founded in 1885 in the small village of Blue Brick near Pee Dee, South Carolina. read more

Hohmann and Barnard, Inc. provides quality and innovative products that architects, engineers and contractors have come to rely on since. read more

Solomon Colors, Inc. has been an industry leader in colored concrete since 1927 as a worldwide supplier of concrete color, concrete colors dispensing systems and concrete coloring products. read more

The Euclid Chemical Company is a global provider of demonstratively better products and services to the concrete and masonry construction industries. read more

Continental Products is proud to serve the construction industry.

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CEMEX is a global building materials company that provides high quality products and reliable service to customers and communities throughout the world. read more

Since 1988, Ceramica Inc. based in Indianapolis, Indiana has been the leading supplier of engraved stone and brick material for building suppliers nationwide. read more

Perm-A-Barrier Wall Flashing is formulated to resist puncture, abrasion and other damage during installation. read more

Indiana limestone has been the Nation’s Building Stone for centuries, and the 21st century is no exception. read more

STOP WASTING TIME AND MORTAR! Give your masons GATORBACK Mortarboards and they’ll both make you money all day! read more

Oberfield’s, Ohio’s best-known name in concrete masonry, landscape, precast and sitescape more

Chas. Svec, Inc. is recognized in the industry for its large product line, featuring various shapes, colors, and textures. read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Water Based Concrete Sealer

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Springtime is here! This means it is time to start thinking about that new stamped patio you’ve always wanted, or that old driveway that needs some “tender loving care”. Either way, there is one important decision to make and that is whether to use a water-based or solvent-based sealer. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using a water-based sealer on your next project:

1: Water-based sealers do not release any harmful vapors into the air

Water-based sealers have a lower level of VOC (volatile organic compounds) content than a typical solvent-based sealer. This means it is less harmful to the person using the product, as well as the environment. This makes water-based sealers the “go-to” choice, especially when your project requires the use of a sealer in an enclosed space.

2: Water-based sealers can be more cost-effective to apply

Not only are water-based sealers more affordable to purchase, but they are also more cost-effective to apply. Unlike solvent-based sealers, water-based products can be applied with a cheap plastic sprayer or even a short nap paint roller. This eliminates the need to purchase an expensive metal sprayer with chemical resistant gaskets that you might not ever use again.


3: Water-based sealers are easy to use when applied correctly, and reduce or eliminate some of the most common sealer problems

“How easy?” you might ask; as long as you stick to the recommended coverage rates given by the manufacturer and follow any weather restrictions for application (generally a temperature above 50° f and no excessive moisture for 24 hours is ideal), you can eliminate many common sealer problems including bubbling, chipping, and roller marks (it is always recommended to back roll any roller marks anyway). Also, water-based sealers will not flash dry on a warm day, which is a common cause of surface imperfections with solvent-based sealers.

4: Water-based sealers give a more natural appearance by not darkening the concrete as much as a solvent-based sealer

Solvent-based sealers will generally darken your concrete more than a water-based sealer. This can be ideal when you have a decorative effect you are trying to achieve, but water-based sealers can give a more natural appearance to your concrete. This is ideal when working with uncolored gray concrete. However, certain water-based sealers, like Euclid Chemical’s Everclear Vox are perfect for any application, both decorative and non-decorative. Water-based sealers like Everclear Vox darken the concrete enough to enhance any added color, but not enough to give it a full-on wet look, thus creating a subtle, natural finish.

5: Water-based sealers are available in both high gloss and matte finishes

Water-based sealers are made up of polymers (solids) suspended in a water solution. As the sealer is spread, the water starts to evaporate, and the polymers start to change shape and fuse together. This process forms a continuous transparent coating. This coating is not only what protects the concrete, but also what gives it its shine or gloss. Water-based sealers are available in a range of finishes, from matte to high gloss, whereas solvent-based sealers are usually glossier in appearance. No matter what aesthetic you choose, there is a water-based sealer out there for you.


With a wide variety of sealers in stock, and the ability to procure many more through our partnership with the Euclid Chemical Company, here at Consumers Builders Supply, we can provide you with the right sealer for your project.

Consumers Builders Supply Donates to St. Jude Dream House Giveaway

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Consumers Builders Supply Donates to St. Jude Dream House Giveaway
Lorain Based Supplier Donated Materials to Aid Fundraiser

Lorain, OH – June 27, 2019 – Contractor and homeowner building supply company Consumers Builders Supply donated building materials to the St. Jude Dream House Giveaway Project. The house is located at 33908 Mitchell Court in Avon Lake. The St. Jude house sells tickets for a chance to win a house in Avon Lake, with all ticket sales supporting St. Jude and helping families receive treatment, travel, and food as St. Jude does not charge patients. Local contractors, builders, suppliers, and the City of Avon Lake itself came together to build the 2019 St. Jude Dream House. Jillian Riddell, an executive at Consumers Builders Supply, talks about an Avon Lake family that resonated with herself and the CBS family.

“This is not our first year that we have participated; however, this is our largest involvement yet as the community is near to our hearts,” Riddell said. “The family has been living in Avon Lake since the 1970s. That same family also experienced the effects of childhood cancer as one of the daughters was diagnosed with leukemia at age 13. She has since recovered and grown up with a family of her own, with a husband and three children. We recognize not all families are so lucky and wanted to pay it forward on behalf of all those who have supported us during that time and beyond.”

Consumers Builders Supply donated concrete and preparatory materials to the housing project, including the concrete supporting the patio pavers. One of the brands carried by Consumers Builders Supply, Unilock, worked alongside in order to create the Beacon Hill Flagstone for the outdoor kitchen space.

“Our donation allowed Cleveland Custom Homes to ensure funds were not used to purchase materials that weren’t offered as a donation. This, along with all other donations, allowed one hundred percent of proceeds from the sale of this house to be given directly to the St. Jude organization,” Riddell added.

Jeff Crawford of Cleveland Custom Homes, who was the general contractor for the St. Jude Dream House, speaks on the donations to the project. “Every year we see people and companies rise up and express a no strings attached generosity. Not only did Consumers donate concrete material, stone material, other materials, and labor, their leadership also reached out to other vendors and asked them to donate material and labor as well. It reflects their well-established relationships in the industry and next mile actions.”

About Consumers Builders Supply Co.

Family owned since 1904, Consumers Builders Supply serves homeowners and professionals alike by offering quality products and service support. Based out of their facility in Lorain, the company offers concrete, masonry, and hardscape materials as well as the necessary construction and equipment to get the job done. Log onto their website at for more information.

Full Time Driver

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Over 100 year old company seeking full time driver, already certified with a Commercial Driver License Class A or Class B, employee interested in steady work. Most employees hired in this position have 20+ years of tenure and retire from our company. We are Headquartered in Lorain County (3 locations: Lorain, Grafton, and Sandusky). Full company paid Hospitalization (employee plus eligible family), Dental, Vision, Life Insurance. Eligible for enriched 401k match + Profit Sharing after 1 year of service. Market Leading Wages and all local work, no over the road trucking. Send resume to

Northern Ohio Hardscape Supplier Hires The Eisen Agency

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Leading Ohio Based Marketing, Branding Firm to Direct Consumers Builders Supply Marketing

Cleveland, OH – March 5, 2018 – Hardscape supplier Consumers Builders Supply has tapped leading Ohio based marketing and branding firm The Eisen Agency to develop and direct marketing activities. With facilities in Lorain, Consumers Builders Supply provides contractors and homeowners everything they need to complete an interior or exterior hardscape project. According to Consumers Builders Supply executive Jillian Riddell, The Eisen Agency will be providing an entirely new marketing strategy to the family owned business that combines traditional and digital initiatives.

“When we contracted with The Eisen Agency, we saw immediately that they understood not only what needed to be done, but were mindful of our long and proud history,” Riddell said. “Most importantly, we are focused on serving homeowners, top contractors and homebuilders in our region, so marketing was typically last on our agenda. With The Eisen Agency, we know things are taken care of and we’ll be able to bring the value and beauty of hardscaping materials to even more Northern Ohio businesses and residents.” Read More


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Brick Industry Association manufacturers report cool shades are trending among buyers at all price ranges.

Across the country, member manufacturers of the Brick Industry Association(BIA) report that “clean, cool” brick shades are trending at all price ranges. Top trends include white bricks with white mortar, earthy tones, and light, charcoal, and steel gray. Whites and grays are most prevalent in residential brick applications, while commercial project trends include deep red tones, glazed bricks, and radial edging.

“Brick’s aesthetic freedom evolves with design trends while offering superior durability and fire resistance with little to no maintenance,” says Ray Leonhard, BIA’s president and CEO.
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Building in a traditional neighborhood? These elegant elevations will fit right in.

Brick is the most popular exterior material for new homes in the south central states, according to recent Census data tabulated by NAHB. These home plans (all from designers based in the south) would fit nicely in the area.


Photo courtesy of House Plan Zone.
Photo courtesy of House Plan Zone.

At just under 2,000 square feet, this home offers a flexible layout that would work well for a young family, empty nesters, or many other situations. The open layout flows from the family room to the island kitchen (including a snack bar) and breakfast nook, then out to the rear porch. An electronics charging station and lockers at the entrance from the garage give owners a smart area to set down their phones, take off shoes, and control clutter. The pantry sits just a step away for easy grocery unloading. In the master suite, double closets and sinks keep each partner happy. See more images, information, and the floor plan.

From Bathroom to Laundry in One Step

A blend of brick, stone, and shingle siding creates multi-textured curb appeal for this one-story home. Inside, the kitchen sits between the great room and open dining area and offers seating for six (arranged so guests face one another) at the large island. A fireplace heats up the grilling porch for multi-season use. On the left side of the home, three secondary bedrooms share the hall bath. The master enjoys an ultra-spacious bathroom that opens directly to the laundry room for easy chores.See more images, information, and the floor plan.

Abundant Kitchen Counter Space

Inside this graceful family home, you’ll find a modern layout with amenities designed for the way families live today. For example, check out the kitchen: an e-space keeps phones and tablets at hand while they charge, the island gives chopping room, and a snack counter is perfect for casual meals. The breakfast nook flows effortlessly into the family room, where a see-though fireplace steals attention. See more images, information, and the floor plan.

Flexible Fourth Bedroom Upstairs

Comfort and utility are the priorities in this relaxed layout. Entering from the garage, families will find practical spaces and easy access to the kitchen for unloading groceries. The vaulted great room merges with the island kitchen and the breakfast nook to form one big, welcoming area. The master walk-in closet features a window, so owners can see how an outfit looks in natural light. Two more bedrooms sit on the left, plus another upstairs (where it would also be great as a home office).See more images, information, and the floor plan.


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If you own a home in Sumner County and your kids want to play in the water, Old Hickory Lake is just a short walk or drive away. Or they could step outside and play in the dancing waters of the backyard splash pad.

Similar to what you’d find in a municipal park, splash pads are making their way to private residences. Jets of water shoot up from the ground in different directions.

“The system is computerized and can make (the jets of water) dance one way or another,” said Jared Crain, whose outdoor living area in Gallatin includes a splash pad.

More: Millennials influence trends in luxury homes

They are not exactly a common feature. Crain, who installs outdoor living spaces for a living, has done three splash pads, including his own. But he said they are one more indication that homeowners are serious about their outdoor fun.

“Nowadays, everybody’s bringing the home’s living area out the backdoor,” said Crain, who owns Crain Lawn Care in Gallatin.

Creation of outdoor living spaces is one of the biggest trends in homeownership for 2018, according to Realtor Magazine, which is produced by the National Association of Realtors.


see full article