In need of hardscapes and hardscape supplies? Well, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Consumers Builders Supply. We are Northern Ohio’s premier destination for contractors, builders and DIYers looking for the finest selection and best service to make your hardscape vision a reality. We understand that Consumers Builders Supply may be a mouthful to say, and we affectionately refer to our big rock paradise as simply “Consumers”, because every mention of our business reminds us why we’re in business – for you, the consumer. Stop in anytime and meet our amazing team. Bring a drawing, in fact, we’ll even supply the graph paper to get you started.

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Since 1904, Consumers Builders Supply has supplied leading builders and contractors with ready mix concrete, aggregate and masonry material for commercial, industrial, residential, and road and bridge projects. And, today contractors and homeowners with discerning taste rely on our team for all their hardscape needs — rock, masonry, veneers, pavers and supplies. We offer the finest selection of premium hardscape products you simply can’t find in any big box store. And when it comes to product knowledge and customer service, let’s just say you don’t have to walk through aisles of washing machines, lumber or plants to find exactly what you need. We offer all the hardscapes – from stone, pavers, masonry, veneers you could ever need, along with all the tools and the helpful know how to make it happen. We provide everything BUT ready mix concrete.

Your Customer Excellence Team

Jeff Riddell –


Jeff has served as President for over 40 years and is the fourth generation of our family business. His leadership has steered the company through expansion years and through several recessions by encouraging our staff to always take care of our customers needs first and foremost while efficiently and effectively managing company resources.

Jillian Riddell –

Architectural & Dealer Sales

Jillian is a trained Certified Brick Specialist and with over 11 years of experience consults and manages masonry sales through The Brickyard, a wholesale distribution arm of the Company. From dealers across Northeast Ohio and architectural sales experience, Jillian has sustained The Brickyard to support projects across the same region. Jillian is fifth generation of the family to work in the business.

Charlie Houdeshell –

Building Materials Dispatcher

Charlie is responsible for delivering our building materials such as brick, block, stone, and all the accessories that go with it for your project start to finish. Our renowned customer service is carried out every day by Charlie. In addition to scheduling flatbeds, sidomatic trucks, slinger trucks, and jobsite semi stone deliveries, she also supports Neal servicing our customers as they enter our showroom.

Steve Holovacs –

Building Materials Sales Manager

Steve handles commercially driven projects and our contractors, ordering some of the most specialized building materials that support our customers unique project needs. Steve’s expertise spans decades and at some point in his career has worked in all facets of our business from concrete to brick to block.

Scott Herrington –

Building Materials Salesperson

Scott leads architectural call and specifications for some of Consumers Builders Supply’s oldest brick lines and also manages our residentially driven contractors supporting any project requiring stone, brick, block, and accessories. In house, he is our brick matching guru and has been selling and matching brick his entire career.

John Piwinski –

Fleet Manager

John’s experience managing our fleet is both inside the company and as a previous business owner makes him an invaluable resource to the team. John keeps our fleet running to keep our materials on site for our customers timely and safely.  With his 40 years of experience and team of mechanics, our fleet serves our customers needs.

Kim Spreng –


Mark Kudrin –

Outdoor Living Specialist